Welcome to Lycan

Lycan is a smart, scalable and a secure blockchain. An EVM based blockchain with Web3.0 and Ethereum tooling compatibility gives it ready large developer community and high scalability.


At Lycan, transactions become instantly irreversible, it has fast finality of transactions with high throughput. With ~3Sec block time and 5000+ TPS, Lycan has become one of the fastest EVM based permission free blockchain


Compatibility solves the problem complexity of a new blockchain. If it is compatible with the older one, then the developer community can start building Dapps upon the Lycan with almost no extra cost and efforts


Lycan chain believes that blockchain will find its place as a most established technology in the future. Its not just meant for a crypto currency and DeFi platforms but also real-world applications will be built upon it. Modular structure of Lycan will make it possible


What makes Lycan chain secured? It is the Lycan coins of validators which are staked to be in the position. Any fraud or mistake made by them will result in confiscation and burning of the coins. This makes it more secure as there is a financial penalty for any wrong doing


Lycan chain can process upto 5000 Transaction per second. Web 3.0 compatibility, high throughput, low cost and scalability is a ready pitch for the community to come and start their business on the Lycan chain


Imagine you get to wear your same favourite jersey from game in music festival of metaverse! This is interoperability. Being able to hop from one block chain to another or one game metaverse to other metaverse food park is the future. This interoperability provided by Lycan chain will give real user experience which no one has today experienced.


Developers can port their existing Ethereum-based dApps in a matter of minutes, substantially upgrading the performance and lowering the costs with the EVM compatible architecture. Lycan chain provides native support for cross chain communication among the two blockchains. The protocol is decentralized, trustless and bi-directional.