The Lycan network participants can stake or withdraw their coins to or from pools during the majority of a staking epoch. The exception is a defined period at the end of each epoch This measure prevents stake manipulation based on the random seed value generated towards the very end. As only the top 21 stakers will become Alphas or Validators (Candidates), it will encourage institutional investors to participate as Alphas or Validators. This large stake creates additional incentives for Validators to protect their nodes and prevent DoS attacks. However, DoS attacks on individual validator nodes are still possible. A validator's role includes defending against such assaults by utilizing ISPs that offer DoS protection. Additional token staking or withdrawal to/from a pool during the current staking epoch (and thereby changing the size of the pool) does not impact the current pool reward. The status of the pool decides the payout at the start of the epoch. To know more about the staking platform on Lycanchain please refer to its whitepaper.