Why Lycan ?

Lycanchain is the next evolution of the Werewolf ecosystem. It's the Blockchain Protocol Designed to sustain its Legacy - Fast, Secure, Adaptable & Scalable! The Werewolf Ecosystem was birthed on a need for a wholistic DeFi Ecosystem that catered to every element; right from Protocols of Moon Farming, Staking, NFT Minting, NFT Marketplace, DEX, and even their own Centralised Exchange.

The Werewolf Protocol combines the mythological creatures werewolves with decentralized finance. Werewolves are supernatural species that can shapeshift into an ordinary human form or a partially lupine form that includes pointed ears, long and sharp claws, and fangs. This mythological approach of the Werewolf Protocol is visible in all its products.

While this seems to have been only the beginning, Lycan Chain is the next generation of this Werewolf Ecosystem. It is stronger, faster, and even more adaptable than its previous iteration. It is the latest phase of their comprehensive Defi development journey. It is a product created out of the ever-growing need of this industry.

Like a pack of Lycans that are stronger together, Lycanchain also believes it will be stronger and grow faster with its own pack, its ever-growing community. Lycan Chain is a community-centric blockchain, based on a unique hybrid consensus algorithm that merges the best of DPoS consensus with the first-of-its-kind Proof-Of-Bite Consensus which all in all not only facilitates but also ensures faster and cheaper transactions.