The fastest Scalable blockchain ProtocolThe fastest Scalable blockchain Protocol The fastest Scalable blockchain Protocol

Why Lycan

The Photons of all Particles - That Fast.

The Structure as the Swiss Vaults - That Secure.

The Everest of all Landscapes - That Scalable.

Full EVM Compatibility

It gives head start advantage to Lycan chain over other new blockchains as Ethereum community is the most active community of Dapp world and already multiple utility Dapps are built and are being built upon the Ethereum. With EVM compatibility all such Dapps can be implemented on the Lycan chain.

Permission-free and More Decentralized

Absolutely anyone can become a validator on Lycan chain by staking their Lycan coins. There is no need of KYC documents to join the community. This truly makes it Decentralized, highly secured, censorship resistant and community driven blockchain.

High Performance With Low Fees

Lycan chain is fast, compatible, modular, secured and interoperable. Transaction cost on the Lycan chain is lower than the other blockchains.

We are 100% compatible with All EVM based tokens and dApps

The Lycan Private Sale is Live Now with USD 0.02 per token! Please write to us if you are an eligible Investor.

The IBCO Starts in 21 Days at USD 0.05 per token and will end in 45 Days.

The minimum buy in during the Private Sale is USD 5000.

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By participating in the sale you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions

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Full moon burning

Lycan chain is introducing a new concept of referral system - ‘Proof of Bite’

A person can only be a Beta (Delegator) only if he is bitten by (referred by) an Alpha (Validator). With every bite 1000 Lycan coins will be burnt from Alpha’s wallet and that will control the circulating supply of the coin


Alpha is a leader of a werewolf pack. Werewolves consider strongest of them as their Alpha leader. Similary Top 21 stakers of a Lycan coin will become a validator because they will hold a strongest position among all other candidates.


A living person becomes a werewolf if he is bitten by an Alpha werewolf. Similarly, candidate can become a Beta only if he is bitten by an Alpha.


Lycan chain ecosystem is providing a platform where community can burn Lycan coins and receive Omega stable coin in return. This coin will be free of all the transaction costs in the Lycan chain. The collateral ratio will be decided by the community via uniquely designed decentralized governance mechanism.

The fastest Scalable blockchain ProtocolThe fastest Scalable blockchain Protocol The fastest Scalable blockchain Protocol

Bringing Transparency to blockchain

Proof of bite is the consensus algorithm of the Lycan chain. As most powerful werewolf becomes an Alpha, top 21 stakers will become validators. This mechanism will be checked and decided after each epoch. All of this process will be managed by smart contracts giving it complete decentralization and no interference.

Token Distribution


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