Empowering Innovation on Lycanchain
Lycanchain is committed to fostering innovation and supporting developers, researchers, and community builders through our Grants Program. We believe that decentralized technologies have the potential to revolutionize various industries, and our goal is to accelerate this transformation by providing resources and support to promising projects.
We welcome all projects looking to build their products for the masses.
Development Grants
Purpose:To support the creation and enhancement of decentralized applications (DApps), tools, and infrastructure on Lycanchain.
Eligibility:Open to developers, teams, and startups working on projects that align with Lycanchain’s vision.
Funding:Variable, based on project scope and potential impact.
Research Grants
Purpose: To encourage academic and practical research that advances the understanding and capabilities of blockchain technology.
Eligibility:Open to researchers, academic institutions, and think tanks.
Funding:Variable, based on research scope and potential contributions to the field.
Community Grants
Purpose:To support initiatives that strengthen the Lycanchain community, including educational programs, meetups, and hackathons.
Eligibility:Open to community leaders, educators, and event organizers.
Funding:Variable, based on the initiative’s potential to engage and grow the community
Application Process
Proposal Submission
  • Applicants are required to submit a detailed proposal outlining their project, goals, timeline, and budget.
  • Proposals should be clear and concise, demonstrating how the project aligns with Lycanchain’s mission and values.
Review and Evaluation
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the Lycanchain Grants Committee, composed of experts from various fields.
  • Evaluation criteria include innovation, feasibility, impact, and alignment with Lycanchain’s objectives.
Award and Support
  • Successful applicants will receive funding and may also benefit from mentorship, technical support, and networking opportunities within the Lycanchain ecosystem.
  • Continuous reporting and milestone tracking will be required to ensure the project’s progress and alignment with the proposed objectives.
Get Involved
Are you ready to make a difference and contribute to the future of decentralized technologies? Apply for a Lycanchain grant today and join a vibrant community of innovators and pioneers.
For any questions or additional information, please reach out to our Grants Program team. We look forward to supporting your groundbreaking ideas and projects.
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